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Calming Your Nerves Inconspicuously at Work

8 Jan

I just sat in on a lovely webinar by Dr. Eno called 5 Ways To Transform Your Stress Level in Under 10 Minutes and learned some new techniques. I don’t want to give away all of Dr. Eno’s secrets, but there is one technique that seems particularly well suited for the office.

Image Courtesy of Ariel da Silva Parreira

Image Courtesy of Ariel da Silva Parreira

It’s called 4 Corner Breathing and here are the instructions:

  1. Next time you’re waiting for a file to download or a preparing for a big meeting, stop and look at the upper left hand corner of your computer screen and count to five while you inhale.
  2. Hold your breath and slowly move your eyes along the top edge to the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Exhale to the count of five.
  4. Continue to work your way around your computer screen in this way until you feel calm and centered.

How do you discretely calm your nerves at work?