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Week 2: Avoiding the Candy Dish at Work

6 Jul

I honestly never thought I’d be able to break the after lunch candy habit I developed almost immediately after starting at my new job 11 months ago. Once I discovered the drawer of chocolate I was hooked. I would occasionally make it through a day or two without giving in if there was nothing I liked in the drawer, but as soon as the good stuff was back I’d more than make up with it.

However, since I started my “sugar experiment” a little over two weeks ago, I’ve managed to break free. The first couple of days were tough and occasionally I still think about the bars in there, but I’m so happy to be liberated from those cravings.

Now I want to work on cutting out the sugar on evenings and weekends and saving it for only special occasions.


Day 4: Learning the Hard Way

26 Jun

Friday night I went out for a drink after work with the girls and then met J and his brother for dinner and a concert. I had great intentions to drink only low sugar cocktails and pace myself, but something went amiss at the show and I found myself more intoxicated than I would have like. By the time we got home, I was really sick, which lasted well into Saturday. I couldn’t keep anything down until after noon. This scared me because I’m always afraid of being hungry, but it was a good reminder that my food doesn’t that I don’t need to eat as much to survive as I think and that it’s important to listen to my stomach instead of my head. Oh right and that over doing it during a night out is no fun!

Day 3: Does a Minor Slip-up Mean I Have to Start Over?

24 Jun

J loves to buy bananas and then not eat them, so I’ll make him banana bread. I’ve been watching a banana ripen on the counter for about a week now wondering who would break first, but yesterday I picked it up and it was mush so I caved and decided to make banana muffins with streusel topping.

I did it after dinner and after blueberries, so I thought I was safe, but I forgot one crucial detail about myself. I’m a taster! (That’s a key component to being a good cook right?) I tried really hard to just eat the raisins, but I eventually gave in and tasted the topping and the batter.

Then, when I was putting away the ingredients I noticed the chocolate chip cookies that J made the other day in the pantry and “I thought, I already blew the no sugar rule, I might as well eat one!” But, when I took a bite, I actually found that I didn’t like it! I took one more just to be sure and then decided to throw the rest away. This was actually a huge victory for me!

When I got to work, a friend asked me how my no sugar experiment was going and I confessed that I had caved. She started jokingly giving me a hard time and telling me that I had to start the count down over, but I disagree. For me this isn’t about being perfect, but rather about creating a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain. The truth is that there are probably going to be other times that I give in and enjoy a sweet treat, but I want to limit them as much as possible, really enjoy them when I do indulge and go back to eating clean at the next meal.

Day 2: Portion Control

23 Jun

This morning my skirt feels a little tight. I realized last night that I was overeating to compensate for giving up sugar. This is something I’ll have to work on. For some reason I’m terrified that without sugar I’m going to starve to death. Not very logical, I know!

Day 1: Focusing on Obvious Sugar

23 Jun

I survived day one! Per usual, cravings hit right after lunch so I ate an orange, a granola bar and drank some green tea and refrained from digging into the candy jar at work. They hit again at 3 p.m. but I managed to just ignore them and they went away.

I got hungry again about 4 p.m. so I ate a couple of pieces of bread and peanut butter, which filled me up for hours afterward, but made it easy for me to say no thank you to the chocolate chip cookies that J made after dinner. I did dream about eating all sorts of chocolate last night though!

I know sugar lurks in everything from candy to ketchup, but for now I’m going to focus on the obvious: chocolate, jam, honey, etc. I’m not ready to give up soy lattes or bread just yet. By the end of the 70 days, I hope to be evading even these more subtle forms of the sneaky substance. Baby steps right?

The Experiment

21 Jun

As I mentioned in a previous post, it seems like sugar is not good for me, but I’ve been struggling to give it up. Unfortunately, allowing myself to have it doesn’t seem to be working either. So, I’ve decided to conduct an experiment of sorts. I’m going to avoid sugar for the next 70 days and document what happens here.

I’m excited to see the results, but I’m a bit nervous. There are several obstacles to overcome:

  • The candy jar at work
  • The snacks in the pantry at home
  • Cravings
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays