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Protein Surprise

1 Jun

Giving up sugar has been harder than I expected. Between old habits and cravings, I keep forgetting about my resolution or just plain giving in. However, what I’m learning is that if I time it right, I don’t have to give up sugar all together.

This weekend, I decided to conduct a mini experiment and forgo the pancakes or toast with breakfast and just have the veggie omelet and bacon. I expected it to make me feel heavy and slow, but much to my surprise it left me feeling calmly energetic! So I keep doint it again and again and it seems to be working. As long as I have a significant amount of protein with each meal, keep the sugar content low and eat regularly to maintain my blood sugar, I seem to have a steady stream of energy. I have a lot of work to do to get a routine down that will work consistantly, but I’m happy to at least have an idea of what to do now.

What about you? Do you feel better when you eat carbs or protein?