Are Eating Issues A Doorway to the Divine?

1 Jan

“Your body is a vehicle for God.”  — Marc David

I recently came across The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and watched a couple of videos by Marc David, which hit home for me. His basic premise is that eating issues are really a doorway to a deeper relationship with the divine. That digestive issues may be the body’s way of telling us we’ve lost sight of our true purpose to act as a conduit for God’s love.

Truthfully, it makes me feel very uncomfortable to talk about God. Although I grew up going to church, spent summers at Christian camp and even went to Bible school for a year in Sweden after high school, I’ve never been comfortable talking about this part of my life with strangers.

However, participating in a world religions course at the First Unitarian Church of Portland this fall, reminded me that it’s a essential part of our humanity and is worth discussion because there are many different ways to commune with God, just as there’s no single diet that works for everyone.

So, let’s discuss. What do you think about the connection between God and food?


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