Day 3: Does a Minor Slip-up Mean I Have to Start Over?

24 Jun

J loves to buy bananas and then not eat them, so I’ll make him banana bread. I’ve been watching a banana ripen on the counter for about a week now wondering who would break first, but yesterday I picked it up and it was mush so I caved and decided to make banana muffins with streusel topping.

I did it after dinner and after blueberries, so I thought I was safe, but I forgot one crucial detail about myself. I’m a taster! (That’s a key component to being a good cook right?) I tried really hard to just eat the raisins, but I eventually gave in and tasted the topping and the batter.

Then, when I was putting away the ingredients I noticed the chocolate chip cookies that J made the other day in the pantry and “I thought, I already blew the no sugar rule, I might as well eat one!” But, when I took a bite, I actually found that I didn’t like it! I took one more just to be sure and then decided to throw the rest away. This was actually a huge victory for me!

When I got to work, a friend asked me how my no sugar experiment was going and I confessed that I had caved. She started jokingly giving me a hard time and telling me that I had to start the count down over, but I disagree. For me this isn’t about being perfect, but rather about creating a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain. The truth is that there are probably going to be other times that I give in and enjoy a sweet treat, but I want to limit them as much as possible, really enjoy them when I do indulge and go back to eating clean at the next meal.


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