Day 1: Focusing on Obvious Sugar

23 Jun

I survived day one! Per usual, cravings hit right after lunch so I ate an orange, a granola bar and drank some green tea and refrained from digging into the candy jar at work. They hit again at 3 p.m. but I managed to just ignore them and they went away.

I got hungry again about 4 p.m. so I ate a couple of pieces of bread and peanut butter, which filled me up for hours afterward, but made it easy for me to say no thank you to the chocolate chip cookies that J made after dinner. I did dream about eating all sorts of chocolate last night though!

I know sugar lurks in everything from candy to ketchup, but for now I’m going to focus on the obvious: chocolate, jam, honey, etc. I’m not ready to give up soy lattes or bread just yet. By the end of the 70 days, I hope to be evading even these more subtle forms of the sneaky substance. Baby steps right?


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